Please note: I am currently on hiatus from private practice.
Structural Bodywork Special 
(available through June 2013)
5 session series: $200 - $400 ($40 to $80 per session)
What is structural integration? The practice of structural integration aims to restore balance and ease of movement to the body's structure and muscle function, primarily by unbinding and shifting layers of fascia (connective tissue) throughout the whole. This process can release tension, alleviate pain and improve flexibility by re-aligning the body with itself, thereby restoring structural integrity. Throughout our lives most of us develop patterns of movement that lead to postural imbalances. These imbalances inevitably lead to some level of discomfort which, if not attended to, will most likely increase as time goes on. Structural Bodywork attempts to address these issues and in turn help the client achieve greater awareness of her or his postural patterns and dilemmas, which can lead to significant positive change.
Key components of a Structural Bodywork series: a thorough postural assessment at the beginning, with continued reassessments as the sessions proceed; focused work on different areas of the body each session, usually starting with the feet and lower legs; active participation by the client throughout the session; sessions occurring weekly in order to maintain and reinforce whatever changes are manifesting. Sessions will last 75 – 100 minutes, depending on postural assessment and work needed.
Appropriate attire: for men, boxer briefs are ideal; for women, underwear and a full coverage bra (not a sports bra, as these have too much fabric in the back and tend to constrict the rib cage and thorax, impeding the fascial release process). Running shorts (with underwear) are also fine. Clients will always be draped with a sheet or blanket over areas not being worked on. 
My credentials: I have recently completed a 33 hour course on structural bodywork taught by a certified structural integrator. I have 894 hours of formal massage and bodywork training and 5 years of experience as a licensed massage therapist. I hold close a sincere commitment to help clients live more comfortably and pain free in their bodies.
Please call or email if you are interested.
Ario Lynch, LMT
license no. 14947

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